Background Roger Bergstedt

Roger Bergstedt has been with Business Solution AB since the start in 2006. Over the years, we have built up companies, valuable experience and expertise. Some of the industries / areas I have worked in

Industries / areas

  • Finance, Debt Collection, Factoring
  • E commerce
  • Energy, Retail, Travel & Tourism
  • Socialservices & Municipal activities
  • Outsourcing
  • Import, Export

Different roles and positions as an employee and as a consultant

  • CEO, Nordic Debt Collection and Financing Company
  • Managing director, Customer Service company
  • Sales Centre Manager Scandinavia, travel company
  • Sales Manager Sweden, travel company
  • Site Manager, Outsourcing company
  • Projct leader, Social Services
  • Etc.

Broad experience in the following areas

  • Procurement processes, local, national, internationalFinans, check-out lösning
  • Start and Establish Business in the Nordics
  • Reorganizations and business development
  • Project management and feasibility studies / decision material
  • Board and group assignments
  • Workforce management, system implementation and setup
  • Contract negotiations
  • E-commerce

Please contact me for more information and on how I can help your company move forward.

Phone; +46 72 5002924 or email;