Build relationships

Building relationships is important when developing your business. There are often many different actors involved in a flow of processes that need to sync together. You are never stronger than the weakest link, they usually say and that is really true. We help you find the right contact paths and the right partners who together with you build an environment where all parties can make money and be successful

Relationships need to be built with long-termism and humility to be over time, it builds real value and transparency

Starting or developing a business in the Nordics can be complicated and tricky before everything is in place. Allro will guide you through the entire process and ensure that all parts are in place and up and running in the shortest possible time. Taxes, bank connections, concessions, authorities, sales and marketing and recruitment are examples of areas where Allro can deliver in a single package and be your only point of contact.

Allro will be part of the assignment to analyze business needs, specify requirements and propose business solutions that solve complex problems. The work includes personal meetings and at a distance with customers, suppliers and authorities. We do a requirements analysis and functional specification for the set strategy together. It will also include staying up to date and transferring industry knowledge and ”best practices” to the rest of the team.

We have a genuine interest in understanding a company’s needs and can map it to technical solutions to create real business value. Allro has the ability to prioritize and deliver excellent results and provide strong recommendations and advice. Allro is goal-oriented and gets things done while still focusing on the quality of the process and ensuring that the results are in line with the requirement.

Roger is a team player who shares knowledge with colleagues and enjoys collaborating with others. If the role involves multiple interfaces both internally and externally, it is important to provide excellent communication and networking skills to build strong long-term relationships.

We have an informal corporate culture that encourages discovering new things, collaborating, taking responsibility and creating value both internally and externally for customers and partners. Allro Business Solution AB is located in Stockholm but operates in an international environment where we take care of and highlight our various ideas and experiences.

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Telefon; +46 72 5002924