Dynamics in the Group

to make a decision in a group or when something that requires interaction between the different people needs to be implemented. The concept is large and extensive, but in other words it is about different processes that take place in a group, and these processes can be both conscious and unconscious.

A team can be compared to a puzzle, and each team member is a piece of the puzzle. When you have finished the puzzle and all the pieces are connected, a picture will appear, and this picture may look like something completely different than you thought before you were done and just had each piece of the puzzle separately. In the same way it is with group dynamics, an individual can be perceived in one way but together with the others in a group you can perceive the individuals in a different way. In a similar way, different behavioral patterns can also emerge in groups, and these patterns can be unusual for an individual but which he or she eventually accepts and then uses.

If a group has a good dynamic, this means that the group has a good time together, and it is this creation that is important for initiating creative processes, which creates a community and which allows the group to work together with each other. A well-functioning team makes it easier for each individual to think for themselves and to act independently. In addition, a well-functioning composition of people can also use all the resources one has. This means that everyone’s knowledge and experience is useful and can be used optimally.

To improve the dynamics in the group, it is important that everyone in the team gets to know each other in order to then be able to build up trust in each other. There is a lot you can do to develop the dynamics, but dialogue is directly crucial to success. Effective, productive communication is again important for the group to function in the best possible way. Everyone in the group must understand each other in the best way, and in addition, they must also have a common goal and a clear framework.

We dare together