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Nordic e-commerce platform

Built our own Nordic E-commerce platform with Dropshipping concept to ensure efficient processes and the lowest possible costs. Negotiated low costs for Check-out solution that benefited both customers and the company. Established network with partners in several different countries and built purchasing channels and secured service & warranty commitments


Import & Purchase

Procure on Assignment

With a focus on helping companies and organizations with procurement and purchasing of products and services from all corners of the world. Through negotiations made profitable business on behalf of customers where the processes have sometimes been complex. The whole is important as shipping fees, customs fees and quality are of crucial importance if it is to be a profitable business in the end. Sweden and the World are work areas


Financing & Agreements

Sales financing

There is a lot of money to be made and saved by choosing the right financing solution. There are many types of financing depending on what your business idea looks like. Maybe you want to finance your e-commerce and keep as much as possible in your check out solution? What is your Financial Limit and are you looking for a business partner? If you are in need of financing your invoices through factoring, mortgaging, you have the opportunity to find the best solution through cooperation with Allro.